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The GAP Training - Pearson 3-Day Testing Course for the BTEC Level 2 certificate: An introduction to the Role of the Professional Taxi and Private Hire Driver.

The course delivery commences when each applicant receives the training bundle free of charge from the HTA. Therefore, every applicant is afforded the specified guidance of up to 150 hours TQT guided learning hours.


The course is held at the Humber Private Hire Associations Purpose-built Taxi training centre.

About the HPHA-GAP Training, Pearson and A2Z Licensing.


The HPHA are a well respected professional Trade Body established in 2009, working in the interests of the Private hire industry, they also work closely with A2Z Licensing a well-

respected Law firm. Who work closely with parliament. The HPHA have built up many working close relationships with cross party local members of parliament.


GAP Training are a long established educational training company with expertise in BTEC training, Gary Geraghty senior examiner at GAP Training delivers the 3-day testing course.


PEARSON and the testing course, Edexcel, BTEC, and LCCI qualifications are awarded by Pearson, the UK`s largest awarding body offering academic and vocational qualifications. They are globally recognised and benchmarked. Pearson is the world’s leading learning company. 


How our course works each student/learner receives Free of charge a 175-page Training document prior to the course, this enables the student/learner to study and revise in their own relaxed home surroundings with out the need to take unnecessary time off work to 

attend a classroom. However, if needed the student/learner can contact GAP Training at anytime during the revision and studying period.  Unlike other BTEC providers our course allows the student to complete the recommended estimated TQT learning hours which is evident in the high pass rate of our course, See overleaf.


The Training bundle consists of the Full Pearson syllabus and 9 stages and incudes the 105-pages of Standards.


The course is conducted in testing conditions in a classroom environment based at the purpose built HPHA training centre. The HPHA through their own Training officer Mr David Stewart BA Hons in Education and Training offer the Numeracy Entry Level 3 and Literacy level 1. 


Additional, important copies of the council’s Statuary documents and a Safe guarding leaflet are also supplied Free of charge.


Total Qualification Time (TQT)

For all regulated qualifications, Pearson specifies a total number of hours that it is estimated learners will require to complete and show achievement for the qualification: this is the Total Qualification Time (TQT). Within TQT, Pearson identifies the number of Guided Learning Hours (GLH) that we estimate a centre delivering the qualification might provide. Guided learning means activities, such as lessons, tutorials, online instruction, supervised study and giving feedback on performance, that directly involve teachers and assessors in teaching, supervising and invigilating learners. Guided learning includes the time required for learners to complete external assessment under examination ore supervised conditions.

Important Notice

All offices who have applicants for any of our courses are reminded to collect each applicants training manual from our training centre - please contact Wayne at Five 'O'. Alternatively, the training manuals can be download from our 'Bookings' page.
Any applicant who does not receive the pre-course manual will more than likely fail the course.

Prerequisite Learning

Prior to attending our BTEC course, applicants are required to be of a sufficient, recognised standard of literacy and numeracy for the learning and testing for the BTEC Level 2 Taxi Course.
ie: Literacy Level 1 and Numeracy Entry Level 3
Please see below a hyperlink for your ease of information, to seek help prior to enrolling on our BTEC course.


The cost of our B-TEC is £350.00 if you require your numeracy & literacy qualification this will be an additional £50.00
Do you know that subject to T&C's you can recover your full fees back from the following taxi offices.
Our instructors Garry and David both have education training degrees amongst decades of experience within the profession. This reflects with our high volume pass rate, unlike other taxi BTEC providers. Due to our confidence in the high quality in which course is delivered - we offer a participants first re-test FREE!
Please call us for further details.

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